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Lord Vishwakarma is the creator of the Universe.   He created universe is created with such precision and vision that it moves ahead efficiently very systematically.  He has provided special status to human beings among his creations.

Vishwakarma Community originates from Lord Vishwakarma.  Vishwakarmas are descendents of the following five sons of Lord Vishwakarma:

  • Manu
  • Maya
  • Twashtha
  • Shilpi
  • Vishwajnya

The community is divided into 5 Gotras named after the forefathers of the respective Gotras as follows:

  • Sanaga [Son of Manu]
  • Sanatana [Son of Maya]
  • Abhuvana [Son of Tvastha]
  • Prastanan [Son of Silpi]
  • Suparna [Son of Vishvajna]

There are sub-divisions in the above Gotras called as upagotras

Right from the beginning the Vishwakarma Community is engaged in 5 distinct occupations, creating articles in their ordained field.  They are blessed with the creative genius inherited from Lord Vishwakarma.  It is evident from the Master Pieces that the Vishwakarma Geniuses have created from time to time that this creative genius has been passed on from generation to generation.  The Vishwakarma Community did not limit their creations to Hindu Community.  They have contributed in the constructions of all communities.  The articles they created are for the use of all communities transcending any and all communal barriers. The following bear testimony to the genius of Vishwakarmas in the field of artistic creations.

The paintings, jewellery, carvings, sculptures, household articles and appliances for agriculture created by Vishwakarmas from ancient times have stood the test of time and survived retaining its artistic beauty exhibiting the brilliance of Vishwakarma Artisans.

It is Vishwakarms who compiled and presented the system of Indian Architecture [Vastu Shastra], a scientific theory of Architecture.
The Hindu temples have been constructed with perfect planning according to the scriptures.  Idols are created with such artistic beauty that the deity instantly generates reverence in the hearts of the devotees.  The sculptures adorning the temples with a theme figuratively narrate the Stories of Puranas and Social environment of the period of creation.
Buddhist Temples:

The various styles of Budhist Architecture are also creations of Vishwakarmas.
Jain Temples:
The Basadis, Samadhis and gigantic Gomateshwara Idols are also the creations of Vishwakarmas.
The following are few out of infinite wonders created by the Vishwakarma Community:

  • Nalanda University
  • Mahabodhi temple
  • Iron Pillars in Delhi
  • Ashoka Pillar
  • Janthar Manthar
  • Khajuraho,
  • Konark Sun-Temple
  • Ajanta,  Ellora, Badami & Ihole
  • Mahabalipuram Temples and Chariots,
  • Hampi Architecture
  • Temples in Belur and Halebeedu,
  • Shravana Belagola,
  • Udupi Temple,
  • Gomateshwara Statues in Karkala, Moodabidri, Venur & Dhamasthala,
  • Kollur Temple,
  • Gokarnanatha Temple in Mangalore,
  • Mamallipuram Pancharathas

    The wonderful creations of Vishwakarma Community have survived because of its quality, aesthetic beauty and social protection and is now demonstrating the past glory and opulence of this country.